Silver Anvil Awards: Only in a Woman’s World: Frito-Lay Welcomes Women Back to the Snack Aisle

June 10, 2010 by Diane Gomez
The PRSA 2010 Silver Anvil Awards podcast series features finalists from this year's program. The Silver Anvil Award recognizes complete public relations programs incorporating measurable and sound research, planning, execution and evaluation. These four areas represent the solid criteria by which senior practitioners judge each entry to ensure it meets the highest standards of performance in the profession. 
Join us as Deb Radman, APR, PRSA Fellow, speaks with Julie Shumacher Ciardiello, senior vice president and director of Ketchum New York’s Food and Wellness Practice, and Eileen Smith, senior vice president and associate director of Ketchum Global Food and Nutrition Practice, about how Ketchum NY, with KSE and Zocalo Group, developed a comprehensive multimedia campaign that allowed Frito-Lay to win its way back into “women’s hearts and shopping carts.”
Frito-LayFrito-Lay research found that women feel guilty about eating chips. To combat the sentiment, the company created a woman’s portfolio of snacks ― including new SmartFood ― and an integrated communications campaign addressing snacking guilt. To succeed, Frito-Lay needed to forge authentic relationships with women, convincing them that Frito-Lay offered snacks they could indulge in guilt-free. In its “Only in a Woman’s World” campaign, Ketchum humorously addressed topics all women relate to, including food guilt, to target the most trusted influencers impacting women’s purchasing decisions. After six months, the program had more than doubled its goal, garnering 195+ million positive impressions with 100 percent key message inclusion. Women’s snack aisle trips also increased 1.8 percent, and SmartFood sales exceeded expectations.
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