On the Record...Online with PRSA Chair Michael Cherenson

January 09, 2009 by Eric Schwartzman

Michael Cherenson, APR goes On the Record...Online at the 2008 PRSA International Conference about his plans for serving as the 2009 chair-elect of Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), the world's largest organization for public relations professionals, with more than 32,000 members, 109 Chapters nationwide, and 19 Professional Interest Sections.

Cherenson’s expertise extends to all disciplines of public relations, including corporate, marketing, internal and crisis communication, government relations, event management, media training and interactive public relations. At Success Communications Group -- a full service marketing, advertising and social media communications firm -- he serves as the senior public relations counselor and strategist, and is involved with all public relations activities for the firms' diverse clientele.

Show Notes:

1:31 – How to measure, manage and distribute online video and audio inside an online newsroom with iPressroom.

2:35 – Cherenson discusses attendance and sentiment at the PRSA International Conference 2008 in Detroit.

3:40 – Cherenson one being the youngest incoming PRSA chair and CEO, and the first second generation PR practitioner to hold the office.

4:15 – Cherenson discusses what the PR industry needs to do to improve its image.

4:58 – Cherenson recaps the controversy surrounding Andrew Cohen’s harsh words about the PR trade.

5:28 – Cherenson on the importance of advocacy, professional development and seminars like the New Media Boot Camp.

6:31 – Cherenson on retooling the public relations trade with social media and on gaining the confidence to set boundaries with clients and managers

7:05 – Cherenson on the importance of assembling, organizing, and making accessible quantitative research and data that reinforces the value of public relations to organizations.

8:10 – Discussion of Wired Magazine’s End of Theory cover story and Newsweek International’s First Disaster of the Internet Age.

9:32 – Cherenson on how a nontechnical trade like PR gets its arms around achieving technical tasks like analytics and data visualization.

9:56 – Cherenson on PRSA’s plans to reinvigorate its online presence with new web content, better search functionality, expanded online resources including RSS, online video, wikis and other features to help PR practitioners find actionable data they can use to secure budget.

10:20 – Cherenson on the upcoming MyPRSA social network, which is currently under development, and increased advocacy efforts to strengthen the business case for public relations.

11:32 – How Cherenson plans to work closer with local PRSA chapters through training courses and leadership professional development opportunities.

12:43 – Cherenson on the importance of networking, sharing knowledge and acquiring new communication skills.

13:26 – Cherenson on how to build your personal and professional brand through PRSA, and the greatest, and often most overlooked, opportunity PRSA has to offer.

15:03 – Cherenson on balancing his PRSA responsibilities against his agency and family.

16:15 -- End

Eric Schwartzman (@ericschwartzman) is the founder of online newsroom service provider iPressroom (www.ipressroom.com), and creator of the New Media PR Boot Camp, which has been attended by more than a thousand public relations and marketing executives from the private, public, government and nonprofit sectors. In addition to advising clients on best practices for online newsroom design, deployment and management, Schwartzman offers a portfolio of new media training courses to accelerate the acquisition of social media communication skills.

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