On the Record...Online with Pat Philbin - Senior Vice President of Pier Systems

November 17, 2008 by Eric Schwartzman

Former Director of External Affairs for FEMA, John "Pat" Philbin goes On the Record...Online with Eric Schwartzman about his role in the notorious "Fake Press Conference" regarding the 2007 California wildfires, about dealing with the fallout of bad PR, and about overcoming negative bias with both the media and public.

Pat Philbin is the Senior Vice President at PIER Systems and the President of Strategic Communication Solutions, LLC.  He has an extensive PR background with a focus on Government Relations that includes work with FEMA and the USProtect Corporation.

Show Notes:

3:26 - Philbin summarizes what happened in the now infamous press conference.

5:25 - Philbin further summarizes the problems with the press conference in regards to alleged plants.

6:45 - Philbin on how to have an intelligent social media policy and deal with high profile debacles.

8:40 - Philbin on what he would do if he had a second chance at the FEMA situation.

10:30 - Philbin on overcoming pre-existing media bias.

13:15 - Philbin on the persistence of bias and how to deal with it.

14:15 - Philbin on the importance of communicating well

15:30 - End

Schwartzman is the founder of online press room management service iPressroom.

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