PRSA 2012 Silver Anvil Winner - Preserving JetBlue’s Flight Plan: Retaining a Direct Relationship with Pilots

September 05, 2012 by Nicole Castro
This year PRSA partnered with Inside PR, a weekly podcast about public relations and social media, hosted by Gini Dietrich in Chicago, Joseph Thornley in Ottawa and Martin Waxman in Toronto and produced by Thornley Fallis to get behind the scenes interviews with several Silver Anvil finalists.
JetBlue Airways and MWW Group received a Silver Anvil Award for their campaign, "JetBlue’s Flight Plan for the Future: Connecting with the Cockpit to Preserve the Direct Relationship with Pilots". Inside PR's Dietrich interviewed Jenny Dervin, VP of corporate communications at JetBlue; Victoria Neville, manager, corporate communications at JetBlue; and Phil Walotsky, representing MWW Group - New York.
JetBlue Airways and MWW Group created, ran, and won a union representation election against the world’s largest Pilots union by dramatically shifting opinions of Pilots’ relationship with JetBlue, mobilize voting, and preserving JetBlue’s culture and business strategy in only eight weeks. The margin of victory was dramatic (58-41) and set a record for turnout in National Mediation Board elections with 97.24% voting. At the highest stakes, the team worked with exceptional discipline, collaboration, and flexibility to turn the tide and reverse the fortunes of America’s most celebrated airline.
Dervin talks about the union challenge that JetBlue Airways experienced last year and explains that JetBlue is the only major airline that is completely non-union. The direct relationship with crew members is something that the company deeply values.
For more pre-ceremony footage of the JetBlue Airways and MWW Group before their big win, check out the video interview.
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