PODCAST: PR Agency Buyer Guide

February 20, 2009 by Eric Schwartzman

Online Newsroom specialist Eric Schwartzman presents a special episode of On the Record…Online: Client’s Guide to Hiring a PR Firm with Jon Greer of Catching Flack, interviewed at the PRSA International Convention 2008 in Detroit.

Jon Greer is a senior communications strategist with more than 20 years in media and communications, including over 12 years in public relations, who has been an independent consultant since 1997. Before that, he served as a vice president of Edelman Public Relations Worldwide. He began his career as a business news reporter and columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle and the San Jose Mercury News.

Show Notes:

2:17 – How to use the iPressroom online pressroom management service to easily and reliably manage, distribute and measure audio and video podcasts. Sample online podcast centers include the LA Opera and the California Endowment. For more information tweet @chrisbechtel or email info at ipressroom dot com.

3:31 – Jon Greer discusses the level of trust people have for PR firms, and how that impacts the PR Agency hiring process.

4:59 – Jon Greer reveals the most important questions to ask a PR firm when they’re pitching you their services.

5:41 – Jon Greer on the most important thing to look for in any PR firm you’re considering hiring.

6:22 – Jon Greer on what clients want most from PR Agencies.

7:05 – Jon Greer on how to deduce the health and well being of any public relations agency by asking a few, simple questions.

8:09 – Jon Greer on how to secure senior level counsel.

8:59 – Jon Greer on what to look for in a PR Agency retainer agreement, and the types of changes to negotiate to strike the best deal.

10:08 – Jon Greer on what client’s need to do to get the highest level of service from a PR Agency and how to become the client that PR practitioners want to spend their time on.

11:39 – Jon Greer tells future PR Agency clients what they should and shouldn’t expect from a PR Agency.

13:24 – Jon Greer talks about pricing PR services and how to make sure you are charged a fair price by a public relations agency.

14:57 – Jon Greer walks us through price ranges for retaining boutique PR firms, mid-size PR firms and large PR firms.

17:24 – Jon Greer on the number of press releases a client should expect to receive for varying monthly retainer levels.

19:09 – The economic challenges of PR measurement, what makes it relatively expensive and how to manage those costs.

21:04 – End

Eric Schwartzman (@ericschwartzman) is the founder of online newsroom software as a service provider iPressroom (www.ipressroom.com), and creator of the New Media PR Boot Camp, which has been attended by more than a thousand public relations and marketing executives from the private, public, government and nonprofit sectors. In addition to advising clients on best practices for online newsroom design, deployment and management, Schwartzman offers a portfolio of new media training courses to accelerate the acquisition of social media communication skills.

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