On the Record…Online with Blogger Jason Falls

December 12, 2008 by Eric Schwartzman
Social media explorer blogger Jason Falls goes On the Record...Online at the 2008 PRSA International Conference about social media as the proverbial virtual water cooler, who should own social media within an organization and how negativity can benefit the reach and appeal of a social media campaign.

Falls is the director of social media at Doe- Anderson and has established himself by developing innovative outreach and communications strategies. He is a nationally-recognized expert on social media and online communications with 10 years of management experience and proven ability in public relations, marketing and corporate communications.

Show Notes:   

4:31 - Falls on how he uses social media for his client Maker’s Mark.
6:42 - Falls on the wine and spirits industries appetite for social media.

8:50 - Falls on the biggest mistakes organizations make when launching social media initiatives.

9:43 - Falls on technographic profiling.

10:45 - Falls on the key elements of a successful blog.

12:44 - Falls on moderating blog comments.

15:05 - Falls on where to blog.

16:36 - Falls on how social media is changing public relations.

18:02 - Falls on why PR should embrace social media.

19:26 - Falls on the impact of a slow economy on social media adoption.

21:40 - Falls on bloggers from the south: Connie Reece, Kami Huyse, Ike Pigott and Mack Collier.

23:39 - End

Eric Schwartzman is the founder of PR software and online news room management service iPressroom and creator of the New Media PR Boot Camp and other new media training courses which have helped over a thousand public relations and marketing executives from private, public, government and nonprofit sectors develop practical social media communication skills.  On the Record…Online is the official podcast of the 2008 PRSA International Conference.
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