2012 International Conference: Getting to Know Mickey Nall

February 05, 2013 by Rosanne Mottola
*A version of this post originally appeared on Inside PR and was posted on January 30, 2013.
This week, Inside PR (hosted by Martin Waxman, Gini Dietrich and Joseph Thornley) features another interview from the 2012  PRSA International Conference in San Francisco. This episode of Inside PR features the PRSA 2013 Chair and CEO, Mickey Nall. Nall, managing director of Ogilvy, speaks about the Conference and the future of PRSA.
During his interview with Waxman, Nall breaks down his goals for PRSA in 2013 into three areas: value, ethics and diversity. They discuss the three, where they think this year will take PRSA from his perspective, and whether or not we agree.
Waxman and Nall discuss the types of things PRSA members receive and whether or not they’re valuable. Of course, ethics is a priority for Nall in 2013 as we could all readily quote some recent issues with PR professionals getting caught doing some unethical things, in the form of whisper campaigns and more. The diversity angle has some fun debate – the hosts don’t all agree on what that means. Does it mean diversity as it relates to males and females? Or nationalities? Or both?
Enjoy these topics as you listen (or watch!) and decide. Where do you land on the Buisness Case for PR, ethics and diversity?
Watch the full Inside PR interview with Mickey Nall
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